The ART of compliance – achieve peace of mind and total confidence for safe and reliable operation of your systems or processes.

The compliance department delivers peace of mind through our systems comprising quality control, quality assurance, auditing, policies and procedures, asset and equipment management and regulatory governance.

AlfaTest believe in accuracy, repeatability and traceability.

By focusing on accuracy, repeatability and traceability AlfaTest will work with you to achieve the same for your company, providing you with peace of mind and total confidence for safe and reliable operation of your systems or processes.

AlfaTest believe Compliance should not be seen as optional; it is part of doing business in a modern economy.

An effective compliance program will support these objectives.

Are you unsure what regulatory requirements are applicable? Do you know when your key assets are due for inspection? AlfaTest will work with you to collate all your compliance related data, obtained from other AlfaTest capabilities as well as from third parties to create an integrated register of equipment with full traceability, providing management of compliance-related data.

AlfaTest offers a comprehensive compliance program. The benefits to you and your company include:

  • Asset life-cycle management
  • Identifying and removing unnecessary risk
  • Proactively safeguarding your key assets
  • Identifying the regulation that is applicable to you
  • Clarity on compliance regulations and what they mean for you
  • Reduced administrative costs associated with management
  • Better control of business-critical assets
  • Improved efficiency and operational uptime
  • Improved traceability and documentation
  • Satisfaction of all generally accepted governance, ethical and community standards

AlfaTest compliance department will also undertake specific compliance related repetitive testing upon request.

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Our Services

AlfaTest Pty Ltd specialises in non-destructive inspection, mechanical and materials testing, weld inspection, supervision, qualifications and consultancy.

Non-destructive inspection consists of different analysis techniques to examine various components and weldments without having a detrimental effect to the material properties or impact on its integrity.

AlfaTest provides materials characterisation and evaluation services of all materials from chemical characterisation to electron microscopy including failure analysis of engineered products.

AlfaTest offers a diverse range of mechanical testing services including routine mechanical property testing of all materials and load testing of engineered components to Australian and international standards.

The ART of compliance – achieve peace of mind and total confidence for safe and reliable operation of your systems or processes.

Welding and QA consultancy. Covers all aspects of welding management including quality assurance and quality control services within the fabrication and welding industries.


AlfaTest operates two NATA Accredited Laboratories which provide non-destructive inspection and mechanical and materials testing.

Our main base for operations is in Salisbury, Brisbane, where we service all of Queensland, all Australian States and the Asia Pacific Region. Our newest laboratory and workshop, AlfaTest CSG, is located in Wallumbilla, QLD and can cater for all your Polyethylene Pipe Testing requirements.

AlfaTest CSG

We have dedicated teams of experts with fully equipped mine compliant vehicles available to service any site, anywhere.

AlfaTest’s Central Queensland field inspection department is based at Roma for easy access to the Surat Basin and surrounding area.

Our North Queensland field inspection department is based in Mackay, within easy reach of the Bowen Basin areas and other regional hubs.

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